The Balanced Breed
The Salers Association of Canada is recognized as the official breed registry for Salers Cattle in Canada. The Association is guided by a group of dedicated, innovative and influential Canadian beef producers who see Salers Genetics as the key to maintaining a balanced approach to profitable beef production.
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The Latest
Performance Breeder of the Year – Co-Alta Salers

There is no doubt John Nikkel loves cattle. He was one of those folks born with a real connection to livestock. But it took some searching to find the right match for the type of cattle he wanted to raise (…)

Junior of the Year – Charlene Sereda

When Charlene Sereda is enthused about something, she’s all in. Salers cattle happen to be one of her passions, and that’s clear as she discusses bloodlines and performance of the family’s herd. Sereda’s dedication and desire helped her earn the (…)

Breeders’ Blog

Why We’re Sold on SAC BreedPlan (Whole Herd Recording) by Ken & Wendy Sweetland                The SAC BreedPlan program is an easy to use genetic evaluation program that can provide very valuable direction to a breeding program to escalate the advancement (…)

Celebrating Salers!
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